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the story of thumb runner

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Engineer John Vazey is the brains behind Thumb Runner. From his home overlooking the bay at Maraetai, Auckland, New Zealand, he observed paddle boarders at play.

Not Just Stand Up


He noticed many paddlers chose to sit or kneel on their boards, either to gain more traction against wind or tide or simply for fun.

The Idea is Born


John noticed standard paddles were clumsy when used sitting or kneeling and realised that a double ended paddle must be way more effective.

Change Without Change


But how to make a double paddle that didn't change the sport into something else? Others had tried and failed. But the desire for a better paddle was widespread.

Evolution to Next Generation

It had to be balanced with equal power at both ends yet work as well if not better than a T grip.

Through trial and error, John's paddle evolved to become just that, an adjustable 3 piece, light weight, 100% carbon shaft with a tough nylon blade and a carbon reinforced handle/blade.

The SUP paddle had evolved!

A Perfect Combination


It does two jobs for the price of one. Sleek, functional and tough. Thumb Runner powers through rough water and wind like no other paddle while retaining all the functionality needed for expert stand up paddling.

our team

Not Just SUP Paddles


Thumb Runner is a division of Zecante Ltd, a private company specializing in developing patented improved products in a variety of industries. Click here to check out their other products.

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Engineer and Designer


John Vazey is the brains behind our products. His ability to imagine better ways to do things is legendary in our small seaside village near Auckland, New Zealand.

His innovations in machinery are used around the world, especially in the wine industry.

President and CEO


Bernie Cook brings over 30 years of experience in finance, banking and franchising to Zecante. He's built many successful start-ups and his passion for Thumb Runner is contagious! He believes in win/win relationships in business and life. He and John share fishing as a hobby are out on the water whenever they have spare time.

International Sales


Brendan Jackson joined the company after trying a Thumb Runner prototype. He is an elite racing paddler and is passionate about making stand up paddling a safer sport for paddlers of all abilities. Brendan has run several successful international marketing companies both in New Zealand and Africa. His hobby, unsurprisingly, is stand up paddling.



Our partners in manufacturing our patented Thumb Runner are, like us, located in Auckland New Zealand. Galantai Plastics were chosen for their commitment to consistent quality and being local, it's easy for us ensure every Thumb Runner is quality checked before it leaves our facility.



NZ Post is our preferred international shipper. They have been around for over 100 years and through them, we can ship Thumb Runners to every country in the world. Their service is proven and reliable.

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