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 Q:  One end is bigger than the other, why doesn't it make you paddle in circles?

A:  The handle, while appearing smaller than the main blade, has a similar surface area due to the ridge along the spine and the indented shapes on the other side. This means that the same quantity of water gets pushed during a stroke. Check out the 9 second video.

Q: The paddlers in your videos seem to be using the main paddle back to front when sitting or kneeling, why is that? Did you make a mistake?

 A:  Not a mistake!  When sitting or kneeling, the paddle enters the water at a different angle than when standing so there is no significant difference in power from one side or the other. Plus, the correct technique when standing up is not to have the blade in the water behind your heels. When sitting or kneeling this is not applicable when the stroke is more similar to a kayak stroke.  In fact you can use Thumb Runner either side when sitting or kneeling but when standing, the shape of the handle ensures you use it the correct way every time. 

Q: Can you 'feather' with a Thumb Runner like you can with a T grip?

 A:  Yes! No only that, but the Thumb Runner handle offers a small degree of flex which adds more 'feel' to feathering. It also  acts a little like a shock absorber that smooths out the transfer of energy through the water.

Q: Does Thumb Runner come with a warranty?

 A:  Yes. Thumb Runner has a two year guarantee against defects in material and breakages caused during normal use. 

Q: Can the Thumb Runner handle be inserted into a standard paddle?

  A:  Not unless you want to shorten the shaft of the standard paddle by 450mm to account for the length of the Thumb Runner blade.  Some paddles also have different diameter tubes.  

Q: Why do your "models" not wear PFDs? (Personal Flotation Devices)

 A: They're not models. They are members of the public we approached on site to test our paddles, so we have no control over what they wear. Nothing was scripted. it's an honest fresh approach to testimonials. Many places in the world don't require PFDs but we always advise safety gear to be worn on the water which is one of the reasons we invented Thumb Runner - to empower paddlers in hostile conditions and offer another level of safety. 

Q: You don't need this if you know what you're doing or don't go out when it's rough. Also the sport is "stand up paddling" it's not right to sit or kneel on your board.

 A: Not a question but sometimes raised as a criticism.  Many people don't like change and like things to remain the way they understand them. We see as many people sitting and kneeling on their boards as standing. It's a natural thing to do when you feel like you need to have more control. Some people have invented new ways to use their boards such as ferrying the kids, dogs and equipment ashore from their boat like a tender. The old T grip paddle sure is clumsy when you do things like that. Anyway, Thumb Runner doesn't hinder you using your board while standing, in fact it can help. Even elite paddlers get the paddle the wrong way round some times! How embarrassing!  Thumb Runner ensures your paddle is ALWAYS the right way round. So why wouldn't you choose a Thumb Runner over an old T grip if it offers something else as well?  We don't drive around in a Model T anymore!