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The SUP Paddle Has Evolved

Next generation SUP paddle gives more ways to have fun on your board and up to 4x more power to overcome rough water and wind

It's New, it's innovative!

next generation sup paddle is here!

Here's why thumb runner is better


Versatile Paddle for Multiple Uses

Thumb Runner is the patented SUP paddle that does two jobs for the price of one. The handle is also a paddle that lets you use your board like a kayak. No need to change anything, simply drop to your board and start paddling. It's intuitive and natural.

Time to upgrade your paddle!

Safety in Rough Conditions

When conditions change, getting home safely can be difficult. Thumb Runner gives you confidence and is up to 4 times more effective at powering through wind and rough water.

It will give you a decisive advantage over ordinary paddles when you need it most.

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New Improved Handle

The old T grip has been replaced with an ergonomic palm-shaped handle with a thumb rail to guide your hand to the perfect position for the next stroke when using it in stand-up mode. It also ensures you will ALWAYS be using the correct side of the paddle!

It encourages correct positioning of your hand to take stress off your wrist. Very important for mega paddles.


  • Thumb Runner has been made tough and it's fast. 
  • The large blade is nylon for durability
  • The Thumb Runner handle/blade is carbon-reinforced nylon for strength
  • The shafts are 100% carbon fiber for strength and lightness.
  • Thumb Runner weighs less than 890g
  • 3 piece construction for easy transport and storage

Adjustable and Tough

  • Thumb Runner adjusts from 175cm - 215cm (69"-85")
  • Lightweight tough nylon blades means durability and reliability
  • Designed to float

See Thumb Runner in Action

But one end is smaller! why doesn't it go in circles?

Clever design means that both ends develop the same power when sitting or kneeling despite one being larger than the other, so no, you won't paddle in circles! Check out this short video.


We asked a number of SUP hirers to try our Thumb Runner paddle and comment on it afterwards. Recorded on iPhone on the spur of the moment. This is Allie from Gold Coast, Australia. It was her first day on a paddle board. She started with a standard T grip paddle then used Thumb Runner. Everything she said was unscripted and honest. (Apologies for the wind noise)

Kerry from New zealand interview

Kerry was on vacation on the Gold Coast in Australia and hired paddle boards for the family. I handed him a Thumb Runner to test and to provide some feedback. Here's what he had to say...

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