- 3 piece

- Adjustable from 180-215cm

- Nylon 66 Handle

- Nylon Blade

- Carbon Fiber Shafts

- 870gm (31oz)








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Why take a chance on the water when you're out there to have fun? There's no sense in limiting your ability to get home safely when there's a cost-effective improvement available for you.

The SUP Paddle Has Evolved

6 Second Video Showing Both Sides of the Thumb Runner


Don't let wind or tide endanger the lives of your family or yourself


Thumb Runner develops up to 4 times more power when sitting or kneeling


Being able to paddle both sides lets you use your board easily in other ways


Thumb Runner packs down to less than 900mm (36") for easy storage in a:

- back pack

- boat

- car

- home




Why Upgrade to a Thumb Runner?

- The Thumb Runner does not affect your ability to paddle standing up in the normal manner.

- It simply makes things better.

- It costs no more than a standard paddle made of the same material.

- It represents the next generation of design for stand up paddles.

- It offers superior flexibility in use than standard paddles.

- The design is the latest in paddling technology.

Elite Racing Paddler Brendan Jackson tested our paddle in both calm and rough conditions

Stand Up paddling works every muscle in your body

- especially the ones that make you smile.  Now you have even more to smile about

* Curious Techies wondering why the big end doesn't make us go in circles can click here for some technical information

- Thumb Runner blades are high strength Nylon 66 for it's incredible strength and versatility

- Shafts are carbon fiber for strength and light weight

- Adjustable from 180cm to 215cm

- 3 piece paddle packs down to less than 90cm long

Check out Brendan Jackson giving Thumb Runner a good going over. We filmed this on what started out as a fine and calm day. An hour later the wind had picked up and Brendan was able to test our paddle in conditions we would not advise anyone other than an expert paddler to venture out in.


But the conditions proved just how much more effective Thumb Runner is in adverse conditions than a paddle with a standard T grip or handle.


There is no way that a standard paddle can be used the way Brendan used Thumb Runner and get anywhere near the performance you will see in this video.

Thumb Runner Construction Details

Superior Stand-up Paddling.

Some say the Thumb Runner handle is better than a standard T Grip.

- guides your hand along the shaft when changing sides

- allows for a straighter wrist when stand up paddling which means less fatigue

  on long distance paddles

Grumpy Old Man Discovers Answer For Paddle Boarders Who Get Into Trouble On Water...

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Unique New Paddle Makes SUP Paddling Safer and More Fun

safer & more fun


Paddle Boarding is the fastest growing sport in the world.  It's great fun and wonderful for fitness.  However there's a danger when conditions change. It can be calm one moment and the wind can pick up without warning.  If you have to paddle back against the wind or tide, you will find it much harder than before. You can even be driven backwards despite your best efforts.


Most paddlers in this situation will kneel or sit to present less of their body to the wind.


But standard paddles are not designed to be used this way and progress can be slow and tiring. There's been a lot of advances made in recent years in the design of paddle boards but not so much for paddles.


Effort has gone into making the paddles faster but not safer.


The new Thumb Runner SUP paddle has been designed to allow you to use the T grip end as a kayak-like paddle when sitting or kneeling without taking anything away from its functionality as a stand up paddle.


This amazing paddle can drive you through a head wind or running tide up to four times faster than with a standard paddle*.


That's a huge advantage for paddlers of all abilities when it comes to getting back to shore safely but it doesn't stop there.  The new Thumb Runner SUP Paddle lets you have fun on your paddle in  ways not suited to standard paddles.