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SUP Safety

Why We Invented Thumb Runner

Stand up paddle boarding is susceptible to changes in wind and water conditions which can raise safety concerns.

It can be calm when you go out and cut up rough when you're far from shore.

When standing, your body acts like a sail. Great with a tail wind but not so great into a head wind. You can even be driven backwards when trying to get home safely!

Standard advice is to get down on your board, sitting or kneeling so less of your body is exposed to the wind.

Trouble is, standard paddles are not designed for this. You lose precious time swapping the paddle back and forth. 

Thumb Runner simply gives you the power to paddle like a kayak. Your paddle rate can be four times more than an old T grip paddle.

That means more control over the conditions, more confidence, less fear. So you can venture a little further from shore knowing you have the power to get home safely.

Some say "don't go out if conditions are not right". Of course that's good advice, but sometimes conditions change without warning. So instead of waiting day after day for the perfect conditions to indulge your love of SUP, Thumb Runner lets YOU choose when you want to ride and gives you the confidence that you can handle it if things change for the worse.

Brendan Jackson on the Thumb Runner

Brendan Jackson is an elite racing paddler. We asked him to test our paddle and this interview was recorded immediately afterwards. It's unscripted and was recorded on an iPhone (apologies for the wind noise)